Yandex company tests its autonomous cars in the USA

Yandex company tests its autonomous cars in the USA

Yandex tests an unmanned car

They talk more and more often about unmanned cars every year. Now Apple, Google, Tesla and other IT giants and large automakers are engaged in similar developments. Even the Ukrainian company ZAZ tested the project on the basis of Lanos model. The Russian market is not lagging behind foreign markets. The first sign were autonomous cars from Yandex. The first instances are ready and in the testing phase.

What is Yandex unmanned car?

Russian IT giant developed and produced its own car that does not require the presence of a driver. The trial model has already been sent to the tests, which are held as part of the International exhibition of consumer electronics. Yandex development was presented at this event, and already drives in test mode on the roads of Las Vegas, Nevada.
According to media reports, everyone can ride on such a car. At the moment, there is only one car in the United States, which is being tested. The representative of the company in the USA Melissa McDonald said that trips were absolutely free. The car is necessarily accompanied by an employee of Yandex, he takes control in a critical situation.
IT giant’s vehicle is designed and manufactured in the United States. The developers equipped it with a number of necessary sensors and security systems, without which autonomous movement is impossible. Orientation on the roads occurs with the help of technology based on Yandex. Maps service. A map of one of the areas of Las Vegas, where testing is carried out was loaded in memory of the device.
According to Melissa McDonald, during the configuration of the software, the machines chose the appropriate parameters for moving around the city. The average speed of the trip is 72 kilometers per hour. At the same time, only 1 month was spent on the development. McDonald did not talk about the future of technology after the exhibition. She said that the company will provide later the priority of the test and the answers to the questions.

According to representatives of Yandex, Las Vegas is the first city to test unmanned vehicles outside the Russian Federation. IT giant began work on the technology of autonomous movement in January 2017.
Transport is equipped with artificial intelligence, which was trained using the services of the company for cartography and navigation. The trial model was presented in May 2017.
By the way, in the near future Yandex machines may appear in Israel. The authorities of the country gave the Russian IT giant permission to conduct tests on public roads. This became known on 25 December 2018.
A mandatory requirement during the test trips is the presence of an employee of the organization that controls security.
Representatives of Yandex say that for the best adaptation of artificial intelligence testing in different conditions is required. Israel fits perfectly. In this country there are, perhaps, all kinds of terrain and landscapes: from desert plains to high, rocky, icy mountains. In addition, there is enough heavy traffic, so the development will be able to adapt to the traffic of cities and highways.