A private Russian company is going to build a cosmodrome in orbit

A private Russian company is going to build a cosmodrome in orbit

The future is today: the Russians will build a cosmodrome in orbit

The commercial enterprise S7 Space from Russia, managing the floating cosmodrome “Sea Launch”, announced the beginning of work on the construction of the cosmodrome in orbit.
A notification about this appeared on the company’s Facebook page. S7 Space decided not to stop on the cosmodrome and announced manned missions to the Red Planet.
Experts are convinced that one day people will certainly land on the Moon again, and then begin to colonize Mars and other objects of the Solar system, so for future logistics orbital spaceport will be indispensable. It will become an actual hub for refueling and maintenance of spaceships that will make interplanetary flights. Also, this site can serve as a laboratory, a training base for astronauts, a biennial servicing for near-earth satellites, and even a place of pilgrimage for tourists from Earth.

When will the Russian cosmodrome appear in orbit?

The report notes that the work on this project has already been launched, so it is not just a concept, but an absolutely real task that will certainly be performed. The company intends to apply all the extensive experience that Russia has in long-term manned space missions. Also S7 Space invites to join the project of the state corporation, technical start-UPS and big business. Experts are convinced that the goal will stimulate the development of new technologies, will become a link between the state and private enterprises will ensure the demand for Russian cosmonautics in the global space movement.

This desire to “jump on the departing train” is quite understandable if to look back at the projects that are implemented by Elon Musk. In January, the American entrepreneur has already shown how a spaceship to Mars would look like. Starship looks like prototypes from the 80s of the last century, but is an absolutely real test rocket assembled at SpaceX site in Texas. The facility was prepared for suborbital vertical take-off tests and landings. The orbital spaceship is equipped with a compacted shell without wrinkles, and the nose is smoother. Elon Musk Corporation develops a spacecraft and a huge Super Heavy rocket to carry out passenger travel between the Earth and the Moon, Mars and other points in the Solar system.
The entrepreneur is convinced that his project according to the assigned plan, and in the middle of 2020 it will be possible to send the first mission to the Red planet with a hundred people crew.
If the development of Musk really will be workable, and active conquest of the Solar system begin, humanity will need a transit point, like the station, where possible to transfer between ships, wait for flight, carry out inspections of equipment and minor repairs. Such a node can become a cosmodrome in orbit from the Russian company S7 Space. Compete with the American genius in the construction of spaceships is senseless, probably, therefore, the Russian company decided to focus more on the development of space infrastructure, to become not rivals, but partners with the United States and other countries that wish to participate in missions to other objects in the Solar System and, probably, even beyond.