Space landing module recorded the sound of wind on Mars.

Space landing module recorded the sound of wind on Mars.

Mars rover InSight transmitted to the Earth the sound of wind on Mars

Futurologists from around the world have long nurtured the idea of colonizing, and even terraforming Mars. Ilon Musk dreaming of turning the “Red Planet” into a green and flourishing one is at the forefront of this mission. Currently, researches and experiments with the participation of various spacecrafts continue at an active pace. In particular, on November 26, 2018, Mars rover InSight launched on May 5, 2018 was landed successfully. And it managed to record and transmit the sound of wind on Mars to Earth.

This information was obtained on December 1. The sensors of the robot caught the faint noise of atmospheric flows. Scientists set their speed, which was 5-7 meters per second. Tentatively, the breath was from the northwest to southeast. Experts confirmed this fact examining the direction of dusty devils bands that could be observed from the orbit.

The sound of the wind on Mars was obtained off-schedule

According to the head of the mission study center, Bruce Banderdt, NASA did not plan to record the wind. However, before the launch of the device, the task was to measure movement on the “Red Planet”. Of course, it cannot be done without studying sound waves.

Sensors of sensitivity on the Mars rover could “feel” and “hear” air vibrations. The pressure meter in the module, which is a component of system Auxiliary Payload Sensor Subsystem (APSS) and designed to transmit meteorological information to Earth, has managed to create an audio file with noise. In turn, the seismograph located on the front, recorded the vibration of the robot caused by atmospheric flows. They passed over the solar panels InSight, which have the shape of a circle, with diameter 2.2 m.

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to get other recordings of sounds from the seismometer. As scientists planned, the Mars rover should install it directly on the surface of Mars using a special manipulator. In addition, it will be covered with a durable shield that will protect against changes in the Martian weather and temperature changes.

Absolutely everyone can hear the noise recorded by the sensors. Employees of the National Space Administration of the United States posted them on their official channel on Youtube. The video is available freely.

InSight mission will give space lovers many interesting things. Scientists expect to look inside the “Red Planet”, and find out the answers to long-standing questions.

First, we are talking about the tectonic activity of Mars, as well as the periodicity of the fall of meteorites. The Mars rover is equipped with probe HP3, which will drill the surface 5 meters inland. The researchers hope to get information about the temperature under the soil and the chemical composition of the soil. In addition, NASA experts will conduct an experiment with the aim of determining as accurately as possible the rotation of a cosmic body around its axis.