Previously received signal from outer space repeated again

Previously received signal from outer space repeated again

Previously received signal from space was “heard” again. What’s the meaning of that?

Scientists recorded a previously received signal from space again. It was a short-term burst of radio waves (FRB), very similar to the previous one. This discovery suggests that there are a huge number of similar sounds in the universe.
During the history of science it was possible to find 60 similar manifestations of radio energy that came to us from some distant galaxies. In 2018, researchers observatories in British Columbia, as part of CHIME project, caught a few of these signals. The work was told during a meeting of American astronomical community, held on 7 January 2019. On 9 January, the corresponding article was published in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

Received signals from space: aliens or other reasons?

Most of the recorded bursts met scientists only once, their duration did not exceed a few milliseconds. Researchers have long found it difficult to somehow explain this phenomenon. Shriharsh Tendulkar,
participated in the project CHIME, said: it is extremely difficult to study something that lasts a millisecond, and does not return for several years.
Experts managed to find the first repeat of FRB in 2016, and then it turned out: they are sent by object FRB 121102. Astronomers tracked the splash and understood: the flash came from a powerful magnetic medium, similar to the environment of black holes. It was impossible to answer: was there a duplicate signal unique. It was not possible to fix this before, but finally it is done. Researchers look for other manifestations of radio energy. Tendulkar compares this discovery with that of the unicorn.
First duplicate FRB caught on 14 August 2018, after which 4 more similar bursts were detected during September and October. The broadcast was from the same point. However, only during the recording of the third signal it was possible to understand: the fluctuations are of the same nature. Tendulkar said: one of the scientists found similarities between them.

Professionals estimate that the source is located about 1.6 billion light years from Earth. In CHIME noticed a strange similarity between two FRB. The bigger part of these signals can be compared to a short beep, like a single note played on a trumpet. But the frequency of vibrations was different, and similar only to each other. According to researcher Emily Petroff, experts are not yet able to explain this phenomenon. Previously, only one sound source was known, now there were two of them. However, scientists believe that repeaters can have the same nature.
Where do they come from? Astronomers have a huge number of theories, including from an alien civilization. However, it is unclear whether it is possible to detect such a repetition, if watch long enough. Tendulkar said: science has some very interesting clues, but it is very difficult to say anything specific. Were they aliens or was it much simpler and the different source? Only over time, scientists will be able to answer complex questions.