Creation of quantum computers: IBM introduced the first production copy

Creation of quantum computers: IBM introduced the first production copy

The creation of quantum computers reached the commercial level

At CES 2019, IBM presented its first quantum supercomputer, available for use not in the laboratory, and in real commercial conditions. 20-qubit system combines conventional and quantum elements that are needed to use such a device in business and scientific projects. Of course, this box – IBM Q – still has very large dimensions, but in this computer there is everything a company might need for quantum computing, including a cooler system. Thus, we can confidently say that the creation of quantum computers reaches a new level, and soon everyone will be able to get such a “monster”.

IBM prepares to put on stream the creation of quantum computers

International Business Machines speaks of its offspring as the first of its kind ready-made system for quantum calculations, which can be used for both science and business purposes. However, in truth, the equipment is not yet capable of the power that humanity expects to see in the future when using computers with so many qubits that will be effective longer, than a hundred microseconds. Defending himself, IBM says that this is only the first test, and the day will come when such machines will be able to solve such complex problems that are not available today to conventional systems due to the exponential nature. While the equipment is not suitable for this, the company will update and carry out maintenance of the supercomputer.

Arvind Krishna of IBM Research considers the appearance of IBM Q System One as a very important step towards private quantum calculations. The unique system will allow to carry out complex work outside scientific laboratories, so it will receive practical application in business.
IBM experiences special pride for the design of a quantum computer. In response to the decisions of the Cray, the company worked with brands Universal Design Studio, Map Project Office and even Goppion, which developed a showcase for the exhibition of “Mona Lisa” and the Royal treasures of Britain. IBM considers its Q system a real masterpiece. It is a sealed box measuring 3 by 3 meters, in the middle of which there is a kernel, and all additional components are carefully hidden. The equipment really has a very stylish appearance, although at this stage it is, of course, a secondary quality. More importantly, what is inside, and how such a supercomputer can change the reality in which we live.
At CES, the system was inside a sealed borosilicate glass cube with a wall thickness of 1.2 cm. Inside contains the processor itself (looks like a chandelier), control modules and coolers that maintain a temperature close to absolute zero. It is interesting that you can use this commercial computer remotely by signing a lease agreement.
The machine purchase just does not come out, it does not appear on the shelves of ordinary retail stores, and for the purchase you need to contact IBM. The equipment will be located near New York, in the warehouse of the company.