The project of colonization of Mars is delayed

The project of colonization of Mars is delayed

Mars One went bankrupt: the project of colonization of Mars is stopped

Mars One, which planned to send people to Mars for colonization and shoot about this most exciting reality show, went bankrupt. The enterprise will be liquidated, the future of the whole project of colonization of Mars, is not yet clear.

The co-founder of the company, opened in 2012, was Dutchman Bass Lansdorp. The investor independently financed the enterprise for the whole year. He was inspired by the idea to build a human colony on the “red planet” during his studies at the University. Lansdorp infected other investors with his optimism, talking about the colonization of Mars as an important event for the modern world.

The company itself was divided into two divisions: non-profit Mars One

Foundation and commercial Mars One Ventures AG. Based on the data obtained as a result of a special study, the second company was declared insolvent in Switzerland in January 2019. Professionals estimated it in $100 million. The branch of the organization, located in the UK, does not conduct any business, and on its balance sheet is less than 20 thousand pounds.
In the pop-up documents, alas, is no mention about NGO Mars One Foundation. It drew finances from licensing fees from partners. Bass Lansdorp opened the veil on the situation, saying that the Fund still works, but is not able to develop without financial investments. According to businessman, he and co-founders look for options to solution and resumption of work

The most original project of Mars colonization Lansdorp planned to get the maximum revenue by selling the rights to television broadcasts. He wanted to do a reality-show colonization – earthlings could directly from their home watch their yesterday’s neighbors plow the red lands of Mars. In addition, the company planned to earn on commercial launches of missiles carrying research partner equipment.

In 2018, the organization wanted to conduct a demonstration mission – to send spacecraft for testing solar cells, producing liquid from soil on the “red planet”. In addition, the plans were to put into orbit a satellite capable of broadcasting video and transmit photos from Mars without stopping. Until 2026, the company planned to deliver to the “red planet” two blocks for accommodation of future colonizers, the same number of life support units and compartments for receiving cargo. In addition, the company planned to send several repeaters and other technical equipment.

In addition, it was planned to select candidates to send in four stages. The first participants were indeed selected. They became the stars of the film based on the project. The organization tried to sell TV companies to arouse the interest of viewers and earn extra money. For training and survival lessons, the colonists were going to be placed in difficult conditions for a certain period. It was planned to recreate the full simulation of the flight to Mars and the subsequent living on the Red planet. Participants in the project of colonization of Mars planned to land in 2027, and annually bring new colonists to 2035 – just going to deliver 20 people to the Red planet. However, the latest news from Mars One was in the summer of 2018 – then it became known that the company Phoenix Enterprises invests in the project 12 million EUR. What will happen now with this money and further plans of the enterprise is unknown.