The media identified the best medical gadgets in Israel

The media identified the best medical gadgets in Israel

The media identified the best medical gadgets in Israel

Israel is known worldwide as a country with one of the highest levels of medicine. Here the best clinics with different profiles are opened, the best doctors work, new high-tech firms open, which produce the best medical gadgets. Below you will find a list of Israeli inventions that have turned the world of medicine and saved the lives of thousands of people.

Top Israeli Medical Gadgets

1. Smart tablet
In Israel, video capsular endoscopy is often used – this is the method of research, when a patient swallows a shell, inside of which there is a small video camera. So the doctor can completely examine the stomach and intestines, literally see with his own eyes his work and existing problems. Interestingly, this medical gadget was invented not by a doctor, but by a military engineer on a tip from his neighbor, a gastroenterologist, who himself had some incomprehensible problems with the gastrointestinal tract. More recently, videocapsular diagnostics was a rare, exclusive study, and now it is used in Israeli clinics everywhere.

2. The camcorder is smaller than the match head
This gadget is also a camera, but less than 1 mm in diameter. This is the smallest camera in the world produced by Medigus. Despite its tiny size, it gives an image with a resolution of 45 thousand pixels and can only be used once.

3. Artificial legs
The exoskeleton, with the help of which paralyzed people can abandon a wheelchair. For a while, athlete Claire Lomas used this exoskeleton to go through the London Marathon. Interestingly, the developer himself is a doctor who suffers from limb paralysis, so that he himself was interested in successful development.

4. Glasses for the blind
The development of the company OrCam is similar to ordinary glasses, at a glance. A sensor and an earphone are attached to the rim, and they, in turn, are connected with a portable gadget, which the patient has in his pocket. This device can read, identify objects and persons, and inform the owner about everything that “sees”. To get the information of interest, you just need to put your finger in the right direction.

5. Inflatable operating
Often, medical assistance is required on the battlefield or during natural disasters. Such conditions complicate the provision of sterility, which is required for any surgical procedures. This problem is solved by an inflatable operating room, which was also developed in Israel. Everything fits into just 3 carry-on bags, including air purifiers.

6. Removal of tumors without surgery
Until recently, benign neoplasms were removed during operations. But IceCure has developed a “fridge” that uses liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -170 degrees. The tumor is removed without a single incision, does not require anesthesia and lasts no more than 15 minutes.

7. Organs in the form of holograms
Previously, doctors could only look at models of organs on a computer, but now you can use holograms. This technology is especially important for cardiac interventions that are performed through the vessels, without compromising the integrity of the tissues.

8. The needle, which itself finds a vein
Many young doctors and nurses do not find veins from the first time, and for some people they are generally hidden. The Israeli company Vascular offered smart needles, which themselves find veins with a sensor and give the appropriate signal.