Scania car brand is preparing the world’s first hydrogen-powered truck.

Scania car brand is preparing the world’s first hydrogen-powered truck.

Swedish giant Scania intends to present a hydrogen-powered truck by 2020

Rejection of “dirty” transport has long become a global trend. Dozens of manufacturers are working to replace gasoline and diesel with an environmentally friendly alternative. Moreover, the legislation of a number of states assumes a complete ban on hydrocarbons by 2025-2030. And while some companies are setting up the production of electric cars, other giants are designing machines on alternative fuels. In particular, the Swedish brand Scania is working to create the world’s first hydrogen-powered truck.

Over the past 3 years, the use of hydrogen in passenger and cargo transportation area attracted great attention. It has proven itself both in traction qualities and in terms of safety for the environment. Of course, there are still obstacles to the operation of such vehicles, but with the diffusion of technology they will become things of the past.

What is the new hydrogen-powered truck?

Scania named its development Renova. Details were disclosed by the head of the design department Marita Nilsson. She reported that the car giant is seriously considering the possibility of using such fuel on its products. The specialist believes that the prospects of hydrogen are no less than those of electric motors. Parallel development of these areas will allow abandon gasoline and diesel quickly enough.

The Swedish Ministry of Energy and the Stockholm University of Technology are actively involved in the development of the model. The manufacturer intends to establish the production of tractor units as well as garbage trucks.

The researches team head of the project Hans Zakrisson said that hydrogen is considered the most attractive replacement for traditional types of fuel for cargo transportation. Due to the traction properties of fuel, its use for trucks is more justified than for cars. Environmental friendliness is perfectly combined with the advantages of “dirty” fuel that is high performance, as well as the ability to travel long distances without refueling.

Scania expects to complete work on Renova by the end of 2019. It is expected that the first copy will be presented in January-February 2020. Then they will start testing machines. The Government of Sweden is actively involved in the elaboration. The authorities of the country are interested in improving the environmental situation. It is possible that the state will become the leading customer in the initial stages. Utility service providers will need to replace obsolete garbage trucks with environmentally friendly ones. The Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers have yet to solve the difficult task of ensuring sufficient number of petrol stations.

Some car manufacturers have already managed to produce cars using hydro-fuel. In particular, the Japanese concern Toyota in 2018 presented a new model Mirai. This is a business class hydrogen-powered sedan. The company hopes to establish its serial production.