Electric Gocycle folds up in less than ten seconds

Electric Gocycle folds up in less than ten seconds

E-bike Gocycle can be folded in a couple of seconds.

For the past couple of years, urban electric has begun to gain popularity. Electric scooters, electric bicycles, gyroboards, electric scooters and many other gadgets can be seen on the streets of almost every large city, and it is used not only by the younger generation, but also by middle-aged people. The reason is not only conscious consumption and care for the environment, but also banal comfort. So, for example, Gocycle bikes got a big success – and a new model, GX, was recently introduced. She changed the design so that the transport could be folded faster. As in other models, this one has a 250-watt motor and a 300-watt battery in the frame.

Compact bicycles that can be folded turned out to be so popular that companies are now forced to look for a middle ground, offering something both comfortable and necessary. So, Gocycle is convinced that users should like the ability to fold the vehicle in a few seconds and remove the battery.

Features of the new model Gocycle GX

Fans of folding electric bikes are convinced that they will add mobility to millions of people. There are really more and more of these models on the market, so the concept is quite in demand. Gocycle presented its vision of compact urban transport with its GX model. The founders call themselves the creators of the best e-bikes in the world, re-frivolous in its modern form.

Externally, the new Gocycle bike looks quite usual: low frame, high saddle, small wheels. A notable feature is the rear shock absorber, which is quite rare in such models.

In Gocycle, they are convinced that their new child is good not only in movement. Analysis of the bike takes up to 10 seconds. True, the owner of the vehicle should easily remove the saddle and insert it into the rubber holder, which when folded make up the steering wheel and frame. So 10 seconds is only under the condition of considerable skill. GX looks really very compact, and understands the same time as the absolute champion Hummingbird. However, GX is faster, and without recharging it can cover twice the distance. Instead of a user, the pedal turns an electric motor with a power of 500 watts. The model, which is produced on the American market, can accelerate to 32 kilometers per hour.

For Europe, the numbers are a bit more modest, the motor stands at 250 watts, which gives 30 kilometers per hour at maximum acceleration. The battery will extend up to 70 km distance. It can be removed and taken home to charge – it will take 7 hours. If you need faster – you need to buy a special transformer that will allow you to charge the battery in 3.5 hours. The bike weighs almost 18 kilograms, but if the model is successful, it is likely that an elite carbon version will appear, as has happened with other Gocycle products.

The pre-order gadget costs $ 3300, and it is almost two times cheaper than the same Hummingbird, but two times more expensive than the lightest electric bike in the world – Carbo. In addition, very soon a much more serious company, General Motors, with its lightweight folding electric bikes will enter the market.