The first manned flight of Russian astronauts to the Moon will be held in 2031

The first manned flight of Russian astronauts to the Moon will be held in 2031

The first manned flight of the Russians will take place in 2031

The first manned flight of Russian astronauts will take place in 2031 – the route is laid to the Moon, according to data provided by TsNIIMash – the leading technological institution of Roscosmos. If everything goes according to plan, experts hope to send such missions annually, on a permanent basis. During the test flight, the crew will perform the tasks of the RAS, as noted in the paper. In 2032, the Russians want to land a heavy lunar rover on the surface of the satellite, used to move astronauts around the territory. Then there will be another mission, which will be the purpose of testing a manned machine. Then, in 2033, the astronauts will move on to longer journeys on equipment and work on robotic systems. Unfortunately, there is no specific information about the projects. 2034-2035 will be marked by the construction of the first Russian base on the Moon. Expeditions have their code names – from M1 to M5.

The first manned flight faced some difficulties

A few years before the start of expeditions with the participation of cosmonauts, in 2028-2029 Roscosmos intends to twice test the innovative super heavy space rocket “Yenisei”, in which the pilots will go to the Moon. Already in the autumn of 2019 the design of the machine must be completed. Most likely, the rocket will use 6 boosters, composed of engines РД-191МВ and block РД 180. In 2028, during the pilot launch, takeoff and landing will be tested. In 2029, the rocket will have to fly around the Moon with the layout of the spacecraft “Federation”. Double launches of Yenisei are planned after the start of the expeditions. In particular, one mission will put into orbit a spaceship with pilots, and the next will send to the Moon a takeoff and landing complex for landing and further departure from the satellite, as well as other necessary technical equipment.

Some time ago, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin in his Twitter said that the engine type РД-171МВ has already been collected for “Soyuz-5” on “Energomash” and noted that it is absolutely unique plant as for power, today simply there are no analogues. The motor is based on another liquid model РД-170, which is considered the most perfect. Different variations of it were used by carrier “Energy”, released in the USSR times, as well as in spacecraft “Zenit” of Russian and Ukrainian production. Modification of the power plant for use on “Soyuz-5” will require Russia to spend 7 billion rubles. The finished version is planned to be created by 2021, and a trial launch of the rocket with this engine will take place in 2022. However, in fact, a source from Roscosmos said that the program for the construction of Yenisei has not yet been approved by the government.

Accordingly, so far, this project has not been supported materially, and the road map for manned missions to the Moon remains a big question, and even if the project is soon approved, the dates will be shifted. At the same time, Vladimir Putin insisted on the launch of “Yenisei” in 2028, but without an understanding of the whole picture and the availability of sufficient funding it is impossible to prepare a complete plan for the Moon exploration. However, in addition to manned missions, the Russians plan to send autonomous vehicles to the Moon, as well as to lower research equipment. But nobody transferred money to this either.