Nikola Motors will release an all-electric tow tractor

Nikola Motors will release an all-electric tow tractor

New electric tractor from Nikola Motors

Until recently, no one could believe that there will be real electric tractors. It was believed that the power of the electric motor would not be enough to transport goods over long distances. Everything changed a lot in November 2017, when Tesla presented its first electric tractor. Naturally, this is reflected in the strategies of other companies that develop electric vehicles – in particular, today we will talk about Nikola Motors.

At first, the company was engaged in the production of hydrogen-powered trucks. To enable them to perform their functions properly, the company already deployed hydrogen supplies and planned to open special filling stations with this element. It all took a lot of time and required money, and the moment was lost – models of Nikola One, Two and Tre gave way to an electric tractor from the world famous Tesla.

Electric tractor Nikola Motors: successes and defeats

In the world, a revolution of trucks brews, which, according to experts, will have no smaller scale than Tesla electric cars had at one time. The American company Nikola, which has its headquarters in Utah, in 2016 introduced Nikola One truck tractor, which runs on hydrogen. According to plans of the manufacturer commercial launch is due in 2020.

This tractor belongs to the eighth class, is intended for transportation of large cargoes, and will be able to cover up to 1900 km between refueling. For example, on such a truck it will be possible to get from Sochi to Moscow, leaving a small reserve just in case.

As a marketing action, Nikola offered free refueling of all its trucks for 72 months, but so far only in the USA. In addition, the company plans to build in the USA and Canada a lot of gas stations, the first gas stations should appear this year. Without the presence of gas stations, Nikola’s electric tractors are still not needed by anyone, so the question of infrastructure is of paramount importance.

According to the General Director of Nicola Trevor Milton, the trucks will be installed a special navigation system that will choose the best route between destinations.

The very same dashboard will be a large touch screen, as in Tesla. In addition to Nikola One in 2016, Two model was also presented – more maneuverable and compact but with the same power reserve. The model will also enter the market in 2020, both versions will have electric motors connected to each wheel for effective braking and acceleration.

Now, in 2019, Nikola reported that in addition to hydrogen, in its model range there will be electric tractors – they will be installed in Nikola Two and Nikola Tre, and in One version the engine will be hybrid, as before.Apparently, Nikola tries to catch up with Tesla and takes steps in the right direction, but it is too long “rocked”, doing hydrogen refueling. They will not give up the past types of engines, but put them on the second plan.