Korean automaker Kia prepares to sell a new electric off road vehicle

Korean automaker Kia prepares to sell a new electric off road vehicle

Soon on the roads: new Kia electric off road vehicle

Cars without a gas tank do not particularly surprise anyone – every day there are more and more models that meet the growing demands of fans of environmental driving. Korean manufacturer Kia do not stay aside and presented electric off road vehicle Niro Electric, available in two basic trim levels this year.

One of them involves a battery capacity of 64 kWh and a maximum distance of 380 km. The second version is less powerful and involves 32 kWh and 240 km of mileage. How much will cost both options is still unknown, but certainly a model with less mileage and a weaker battery will be cheaper and can be perfectly suited as a budget solution in an urban environment.

Key features of Kia electric off road vehicle

It is interesting that lithium will be installed in Niro Electric off road vehicles-polymer battery. In them, instead of a liquid electrolyte, a special gel is used, thereby producing more power per 1 kg of weight. Under the hood of the electric off road vehicle is 201 horsepower, the battery provides the option of accelerated charging – in just 75 minutes, you can replenish 80% of the capacity. The appearance of the machine was developed by the internal design studio of Korean concern in California with the participation of the headquarters in Namyang. The car turned out to be quite futuristic in appearance, with streamlined shapes, and somewhat reminiscent of Nissan Leaf, only more spotless.
The interior is much like a hybrid Kia Niro PHEV. The new car will have two interiors – EX and EX Premium.
The usual EX involves a 7-inch touch screen with Parktronic and rear-view display, a 6-speaker audio system, a device for wireless phone charging, speech recognition via Bluetooth, 7 airbags, and tire pressure tracking. Software of the electric off road vehicle includes the following options: collision warning, program of prevention of accidents, notification of leaving the selected band, the presence of a passing car in the invisible zone.

In addition to all the above, EX Premium package for more demanding customers will include an 8-inch screen with navigation, a hatch with a slope, a premium Harman/Kardon audio system with a subwoofer and amplifier, led lights and interior lighting, heated steering wheel.

It is noteworthy that the electric road off vehicle does not move silently, and in fact should. On the move, the machine buzzes like the engines of a spaceship from fantastic movies. The sound is quite pleasant, and the focus group members specially lowered the windows to listen to this rumble. In fact, the buzz is not the motor, and pedestrian warning system, which is built behind the front bumper. Koreans believed that if the car would move silently, it may not notice the gaping people, and get under the wheels when crossing the road.

Kia Niro Electric can be quite a budget solution, will be great to maneuver in difficult urban conditions and will behave steadily on the track.
However, the power reserve of 240-380 km will not give much to travel between cities without recharge. Electric off road vehicle will be a great family car, with quite a roomy interior and numerous safety systems. It is not yet known whether the official supply of electric vehicles to the CIS countries is planned.