The electric engine for the aircraft will be the main Norwegian aircraft by 2040

The electric engine for the aircraft will be the main Norwegian aircraft by 2040

Norway will completely switch to electric engines for aircraft

Electric motors for airplanes have long ceased to be a utopia. Several companies are engaged in the development of such projects. And states prepare a legislative framework to ensure a full switch to electric motors.
For example, Norway is among them. The authorities announced plans of switch of aircraft to batteries. The final rejection of the “dirty” turbines will occur approximately in 2040.

Electric engines for aircraft with 25-30 seats are expected to receive by 2025

The government of Norway makes another important step towards the prohibition of the engines, polluting the atmosphere. Earlier, plans were announced to ban the movement of cars on gasoline and diesel engines on the roads of the country. Now they are going to switch planes to electricity. According to media reports, this decision was made in respect of the boards, carrying out domestic flights.
Experts believe that it is absolutely realistic to introduce such technologies. First of all, it is connected with a small territory, mountain landscape, as well as a large number of islands. Flight in Norway takes an average of 25-30 minutes. Unfortunately, there are no projects that would allow to create giant airliners powered by batteries. But aircrafts with an average number of seats are already at the design stage.
Dag Falk-Pedersen, Head of Department of use of airports Avinor, agree that there is the problem of small capacity of modern electric aviation.
However, the government already sees a way out. The specialist said that it has already been developed a program that encourages manufacturers to produce suitable machines. By 2021, the authorities expect to launch a competition to create the best solution for the needs of the country.
Modern technology allowed to establish the production of only small aircraft designed for two people. Experts are sure: the increase in the capacity of the sides is not far off. Of course, it is not necessary to dream about new Airbus electric, but probably soon the machine will rise into sky, capable of carrying about 30 passengers. This will be sufficient to meet the needs of Norway.

According to experts, this opportunity will appear by 2025. Doug Falk-Pedersen is sure: aircrafts of this type will definitely be able to use electricity, and will soon become one of the leading solutions for air transportation over short distances around the world.

Companies already work on electric aircrafts. The first manned device was released in France and released in 2011.
Now the technology is developed by Airbus, Siemens and Rolls-Royce. Organizations joined forces and work on the development, the capacity of which will be 2 MW. Moreover, Rolls-Royce announced plans to implement its own project without outside help.

Norway plans to switch not only aviation, but also sea transport to green technologies. In particular, one of the country’s leading ferry operators Hurtigruten is going to switch cruise liners to biofuel. To do this, experts use biogas derived from the waste of the fishing industry.
Relevant opportunities have already been developed. This method is not completely environmentally friendly, but carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, compared with traditional hydrocarbons, are reduced significantly.