The world’s first artificial pancreas with control on a smartphone created in Russia

The world’s first artificial pancreas with control on a smartphone created in Russia

The first artificial pancreas is controlled from a smartphone

Skolkovo laboratories developed the first artificial pancreas. Its key feature is the ability to control via the smartphone app. The analogue, developed by experts, is able to fully assume the functions of the missing organ in any patients with injuries and severe defects. In addition, with the help of the device there is an opportunity to support the required insulin production in the body of people with diabetes, without the need for careful calculation. The development was presented in February 2019 by Skolkovo researchers at Sochi forum. The developers explained how the new technology can improve the quality of life of many patients in Russia.

Artificial pancreas produced in Russia

Experts explained that even the most experienced doctor and sensitive to the patient can not very accurately adjust the insulin pump. This is almost impossible, because every hour a different dose of hormone may be required. This indicator is affected by a huge number of factors – physical activity per day, food that was eaten, stress, the duration of mental stress, weather, general health, up to the presence of an ordinary cold. It is very difficult to take these factors into account when calculating the dose of insulin administered by the patient. People are not doctors, and especially not high-precision equipment, they can make a mistake with estimation that as a result of which too much glucose accumulates in the blood.

The company from Skolkovo united in its project several programmers, endocrinologists and mathematicians, resulting in a technology that has no analogues on the planet. With a smartphone artificial gland connects to artificial intelligence that processes data of patients. AI calculates and corrects the amount of hormone that the pump enters a person. The innovation is that all existing today pumps are either impossible to regulate at all, or the mechanisms are in the pump itself.

The developers of Skolkovo explain that even the most low-end models of smartphones today have much more computing power than the most advanced insulin pumps. However, the proposed development also has its own internal electronics – but it artificial pancreas goes in an emergency, for example, if the smartphone is turned off or the signal will be lost. Thus, the probability of an increase in the glucose content in the blood is practically excluded.

When a person with diabetes has glucose at an acceptable level, there are no difficulties to talk about – he just lives like an ordinary person. But the longer he has increased this parameter, the more likely he may develop complications – to loss of vision, lower limbs, kidney failure. It is because of this that diabetics die early, although they could live much longer, full life. So far, the development is at the stage of pre-production sample. The algorithm for calculating the required doses of insulin has already passed pre-clinical trials, in order to move to a new level, this device registration is required. Also, the developers want to do the manufacture of infusion systems, which at the moment are produced only abroad. The cost of an artificial pancreas will cost the patient about 50 thousand rubles.